• (Normally) Eight to ten course attendees. *We are limiting classes to 4 during the COVID pandemic to reduce the risk factor and to allow for social distancing. We hope to return to full classes some time next year.
  • Students are encouraged to show up for the course with the following items completed, so as to be able to complete all of the projects.

    • Have completed 5 - 10 reserve pack jobs under the guidance and supervision of an FAA licensed rigger (bring logbook stating that this requirement has been met). *Some students have done all the packing during the two week course, but there will be more time for sewing and learning to pack a greater variety of rigs if some of the packs are already completed.

    • Have read the Parachute Manual by Dan Poynter

    • Have read the Parachute Rigger Handbook (FAA-H-8083-17)

    • Practiced the written test on or Dauntless Written Knowledge Test Prep

Be able to pack a square main or reserve parachute . Actual jump experience is not necessary, but is helpful.