Course Cost: $1650

Deposit required 30 days in advance of course: $400

FAA Practical Test following the course: $258.00. Add $53 for each additional rating. Only one or two students per day can be tested. You may need to stay on for additional days to get your test done. This is why it’s advisable to come to us with some of your pack jobs completed. The first trainees who qualify, will test early, possibly before the formal course has finished. Those candidates will then rotate back into the class to continue training.

We can help you register for IACRA and PSI to take the written Airman Knowledge Test (FAA Exam). Our students take the AKT at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach (just 18 miles drive). The cost to be paid to ERAU is $160.


In the past we strongly recommended the Parachute Manual, Volumes I & II by Dan Poynter. These have recently gone out of print.

They can still be found on Amazon, eBay and Craig's List but they are becoming rare. We have electronic and hard copies here that we will make available to you.

The Parachute Rigger Handbook - 
FAA-H-8083-17A can be downloaded from for FREE or you can buy it from Amazon.

Material Sample Book - $32.00 each. We can supply this.

Tools are supplied during the course. You may purchase any, all or none of them including a soft brief case style riggers kit.


Tests will be conducted at the end of the course. The written is $160 and the Oral & Practical is $258 for the Senior Rigger O&P
and $350 for the Master Rigger O&P. A stand alone test for an added rating is $160.