Total Immersion Training

Standard Courses Offered 
Senior Parachute Rigger Course 
Master Parachute Rigger Course 
Continuing Skills Course 
Additional Parachute Rigger Ratings Course 
Sewing Machine Operation and Maintenance 
Parachute Rigger Military Troop Parachutes 
Parachute Rigger Military Tactical Parachutes 
Optional customized Course to meet exact needs 

Parachute Rigging Course Outline 
FAA Regulations 
AAD assembly and maintenance 
Canopy repair 
Component & compatibility 
Hand tacking and knots 
Suspension line maintenance and replacement 
Parachute maintenance, manufacturing & alterations 
Parachute materials 
Parachute testing 
Ram air parachutes
3-Ring maintenance 
Record keeping 
Rigging ethics 
Round parachutes 
Service Bulletins & AD's 
Sewing machines & maintenance 
Tool identification and control